Jamaican High Commission United Kingdom

Jamaican high commission

Staff, Roles and Functions

High Commissioner

The High Commissioner is the Head of Mission. He/she is supported by the Deputy High Commissioner and other members of staff. The High Commissioner seeks to foster, maintain and improve co-operation between Jamaica and the United Kingdom (UK), as well as the six countries to which he/she is concurrently accredited i.e. Ireland, the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The High Commissioner also works to strengthen the relationship between the Government of Jamaica and the Diaspora and represents Jamaica in London-based multilateral organisations like the Commonwealth.


Deputy High Commissioner

The Deputy High Commissioner is the Head of Chancery and manages all administrative and financial matters related to the High Commission. He/she also supervises the various departments within the High Commission. He/she, also undertakes representational duties.


Counsellor, Political and Economic Affairs

The Counsellor for Political and Economic Affairs monitors and analyzes social, economic and political developments within the UK and the accredited countries with implications for Jamaica. He/she is responsible for maintaining and enhancing contacts between Jamaica and its bilateral and multilateral partners, including organisations such as the Commonwealth, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Sugar Organisation (ISO).


Minister-Counsellor, Diaspora and Consular Affairs

The Minister-Counsellor for the Diaspora and Consular Affairs is responsible for advancing relations between the Government of Jamaica and members of the Diaspora in the United Kingdom and the accredited countries. A major priority is the implementation of outcomes emanating from the Biennial Diaspora Conference held in Jamaica

The Minister-Counsellor also oversees the Consular Section, which is the service arm of the High Commission. See the FAQs sections of the website for more information on passport and consular services.

First Secretary, Finance and Administration 

The First Secretary assists with the management of the financial and human resources of the High Commission. He/she also oversees the Finance and Administration Section in the High Commission.


Community Relations Officer (CRO)

The Community Relations Officer (CRO) maintains close links between the High Commission and the Jamaican Community in the UK. He/she encourages the formation and continuing development of community groups and associations, participates in community events and provides general advice to those enquiring about services in Jamaica.