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Mapping Jamaica Diaspora Project

It is expected that by June 2015, the Jamaican government will have a database of Jamaicans in the Diaspora, following the completion of the Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project, which has been underway, since December 2013. The Mapping Project – the first of its kind in Jamaica - is being administered by the Jamaican Government with support and funding from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It aims to determine the location, interests and skills of members of the Diaspora, while building the Government’s capacity to more strategically and effectively engage the Diaspora.

Press Release - Mapping Jamaican Diaspora Project 

Message from Senator the Honourable A.J. Nicholson, QC

Mapping Jamaica Diaspora Project Feature

For Flyers and Brochures on what is the Mapping Jamaica's Diaspora (MJD) and  how you will benefit click here 

To participate in the survey visit the following website: www.mapjadiaspora.iom.int