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Jamaican high commission

2018 Commonwealth Fair

Date: Saturday, 10th November 2018

Time: 9:30am - 6:00pm

Location: Kensington Town Hall

2018 Commonwealth Fair

The Annual Commonwealth Fair will be held on 10th November this year.   It is organised by the Commonwealth Countries Leagues (CCL) to raise funds for the Education Fund (CGEF) which supports the education of girls across the Commonwealth from which Jamaicans have benefited over the years.  

Colourful and vibrant stalls reflect the richness and diversity of the Commonwealth providing visitors with a great experience - from food to craft, music and entertainment, the day provides an enriching journey through many countries of the Commonwealth. 

There are always excellent prizes to be won in the Raffle Grand Draw, all generously donated by Friends and Supporters and include all inclusive trips, jewelry, cash prizes etc.! 

Raffle tickets cost £1 each and are availabele for purchase at the High Commission.

Be sure to visit the Jamaica stall this year!

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