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Message regarding Returning Residents incidents in Jamaica, from H.E. Seth George Ramocan, CD, High Commissioner for Jamaica

December 5, 2018

Dear Fellow Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica,

I am deeply saddened, as you no doubt are, to receive news of the untimely deaths in Jamaica of two (2) members of the Jamaican family.  I wish to convey deepest condolences on behalf of the staff of the Jamaican High Commission and indeed the Government of Jamaica, to the families of Ms. Karen Cleary-Brown and Ms. Barbara Findlay.

These regrettable incidents have highlighted the need for, and the importance of the Government of Jamaica’s relentless efforts to curtail the scourge of crime which continues to negatively affect families, as well as Jamaica’s local and international image. Please be assured of the Government’s commitment in addressing this serious challenge through the implementation of deliberate strategies, such as the States of Public Emergency and the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO), as well as various social intervention programmes.  While these initiatives have assisted in reducing the overall levels of crime, the situation remains a grave concern and as such, the Government of Jamaica is  resolute in its crime fighting efforts.

Please find attached for information, the recently published “Returning Residents Safety Handbook” which was previously transmitted.  The Handbook has useful information on the various Government initiatives, as well as essential contacts in relation to the Government’s  thrust towards a safe and secure environment for all Jamaicans. 

Please share this Handbook among your networks.

Kind regards.


Seth George Ramocan, CD

High Commissioner

Jamaican High Commission

1-2 Prince Consort Road

London SW7 2BZ