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News Release: Additional Security Support Systems for Returning Residents

July 9, 2018

Press Release 

JCF:  29th June 2018

          The JCF is offering assurance to returning residents that their safety and security remains a high priority of the organization, Strategies and support systems are currently being bolstered for their protection. This comes against the background of the recent incidents against returning residents and the concerns expressed by members of the Diaspora to the Commissioner, whilst in recent meetings in the United Kingdom.

          Some of the measures being pursued are the establishment of a point of contact for the Diaspora to address specific concerns about cases; it is also being considered to establish a service to do background checks on request, of persons who returning residents wish to employ.  A Liaison Officer will also be appointed in each Police division to monitor and provide returning residents with timely feedback on policing matters. Meetings will also be held regularly at the divisional level to enhance the sharing of important information.

          This will be augmented with a number of investigative strategies that will pay particular attention to cases involving returning residents.  Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Mr. Selvin Hay, says “Our focus on the safety and protection of our returning residents is unequivocal. We take all reported incidents of crimes against them seriously and will further our work with our partners in Government and Non-Government Organisations to ensure communities are safe spaces for all who live, work or visit.” This, he says, will be complemented by the review of all unsolved serious crimes committed against returning residents.

          The Police are also reminding returning residents to do their due diligence before entering into arrangements, as this may minimise their risk of being exposed to persons who may be seeking to get close to them with the intention of victimising them for financial or other gains, and to immediately report any threats or crimes committed against them to the Police.