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September 15, 2016


Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Senator the Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr. is urging United Kingdom (UK)-based Jamaicans to seek to regularise their status. This, he said, is important in protecting their interests and that of their families, and to avoid the pain arising from deportation.  The State Minister was addressing a recent community meeting hosted by the Jamaican High Commission in London.

Senator Charles, who said he has assisted in immigration clinics overseas in the past, urged the UK-based Jamaicans to seek to increase their awareness of the issues and utilise mechanisms that are available to protect themselves.  He encouraged them to participate in immigration seminars hosted by the High Commission as well as community groups.

Senator Charles expressed sympathy to families affected by the recent deportation of 42 Jamaicans from the UK.  He urged persons to bring cases, concerns and proposals surrounding the issue of deportation to the attention of the Ministry, to ensure that the relevant support and advice can be given.  “We have to look at how we can engage in a discussion with our sister governments. If upon examination of our agreement it is seen to lead to circumstances that are less than desirable, it could very well prompt a revisit.” he said.

Senator Charles also informed the community about the Government’s efforts to reduce the prison population as well as to strengthen rehabilitation for reintegration of offenders.  He spoke about the Government’s long-term development plan as well as improvements in the education and health sectors.

He mentioned the recently launched Learning by Doing programme, aimed at improving the educational programmes at juvenile correctional facilities and supporting wards who struggle with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

The meeting was also attended by Senator Kerensia Morrison.  Senators Charles and Morrison were among a delegation of nine recently elected Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators, who were in the UK for a three-day visit to explore that country’s political landscape and the role of parliamentarians in a Westminster-style democracy.