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Registration of Jamaican Citizens Travelling for Short-term Visits Abroad

Registration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of JAMAICAN CITIZENS TRAVELLING FOR SHORT-TERM VISITS ABROAD (Emergency Situations)

Recent and increasing incidences of emergency situations, including natural disasters, civil unrests, acts of terrorism and cases of human trafficking, etc., have resulted in increasing calls on the Government of Jamaica and its overseas Missions, to help locate and assist nationals overseas who are in distress.

Accordingly, citizens of Jamaica who are temporarily visiting foreign countries for brief periods, are encouraged to register their names and contact information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign trade by completing the form below. The Ministry should also be promptly advised of any change of address, contact information or definitive departure from the foreign country when the visit has been concluded.  Nationals may also register their information at the Jamaican High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in the country of their visit. 


Visit www.mfaft.gov.jm for the full list of Jamaican High Commissions/Embassies/Consulate 

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