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Importation of Prescription Drugs

A special permit is required in order for prescription drugs to be taken into the country. Otherwise, the drugs will be seized by the Jamaica Customs Agency.  To obtain the permit, the following information is required:

  • A letter from the physician stating the name of the patient and the treatment prescribed;
  • A copy of the prescription indicating the name, strength and quantity of the drugs for the duration of the stay;
  • Flight details (dates and times of arrival and departure, flight numbers, ports of disembarkment and embarkment);
  • The address of the patient while in Jamaica; and
  • The contact details of the physician and/or patient.

Applications should be sent to:

  • The Ministry of Health
  • Chief Dangerous Drugs Inspector
  • Parmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs Department Standards and Regulation
  • 45-47 Barbados Avenue
  • Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
  • Tel:  1(876) 633-7137
  • Email:  Contact Us/FeedbackContact Us/Feedback and Contact Us/Feedback 

    Website:  www.moh.gov.jm