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Terms of Reference - Diaspora Advisory Board

The Diaspora Advisory Board was established in 2004 as a mechanism to deepen the engagement process between the Government and Jamaicans abroad.  The primary function of the Board is to provide advice to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade on matters which affect the well-being and welfare of the Diaspora.  The Board comprises individuals drawn from members of the Diaspora in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The Terms of Reference document covers the principal role and responsibilities of the Members of the Diaspora Advisory Board, to include: 

                           i.          Duties and responsibilities;

                          ii.          Appointment and Tenure of Board Members;

                         iii.          Powers;

                         iv.          Code of Conduct;

                          v.          Meetings;

                         vi.          Conflict of Interest;

                       vii.          Voluntary Service; and

                      viii.          Termination of Board Membership.

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