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Jamaican Citizenship by Naturalization

Naturalization of Aliens


  • Be resident in Jamaica for a minimum of five (5) years immediately preceding submission of the application
  • Be of good character and be financially solvent


  • Application Form should be obtained from the website of the Passport,Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Jamaica : www.pica.gov.jm
  • The application should be read carefully and signed in the presence of a Consular Officer at the High Commission or the Jamaican Consulate (Birmingham)
  • Four (4) references are required as sponsors of the application. The referees should be Jamaican by birth and should not be a civil servant, a relative, a lawyer or agent of the applicant
  • Before submitting the application, a notice of the intention to apply for naturalization must appear in a daily newspaper.  An example of the advertisement is outlined in the final page of the application form.  This Notice should be published on two separate occasions at least one week apart and should be submitted along with the application.

Documentary Requirements

  • Applicant's Birth Certificate
  • Applicant's Passport on which they originally entered Jamaica and curent Passport, if applicable
  • Work Permit Card and letter of approval or Work Permit Exemption Certificate
  • Evidence of community actiivties in which the applicant is involved 
  • Two (2) UNSIGNED  passport size photographs 
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Verification of income in the form of pay slips, employment letter or company's financial statement
  • Recent bank statement three months
  • Fee of J$ 20,000 payable to PICA (the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Jamaica).  Payment will only be accepted in Jamaican dollars

N.B. Applicants should note that once approval has been granted, an additional cost of J$1,000 representing stamp duty is required.

Processing time: Please allow up to 24 months for the application to be processed in Jamaica.

For further information please visit the website of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Jamaica: www.pica.gov.jm

Opening times

Consular (Passport and Visa) Section:

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m

High Commission:

9.30am - 1:00 pm Monday - Friday